Data Management Technologies

SuisseCo sees itself as a service provider with high technical requirements. We offer our customers the best and most current customised data management technologies. To comply with this high standard we maintain active partnerships with renowned enterprises in the fields of industry and technology. Additionally, we have connections to specialised technology-providers and potential future leaders of technology. We thereby deliver a broad portfolio of technical solutions and competitive advantages for your company.

Strictly State-of-the-art Data Management Technologies

Our knowledgeable employees constantly receive certificates for the latest versions of tools and products from our partners. This is how we ensure that our customers take part in the ever changing developments in the data management technologies of our partners. Each of our selected technology partners also has outstanding specialty knowledge and offers individual IT services, with which we complement our own services. As a customer, you benefit from the best possible technological portfolio with a high service.

Big Data

With big data, you get a great potential for the fast and efficient use and analysis of large amounts of data, which will save you time and money, as well as provide you many competitive advantages.

Business Intelligence

Professional front end reporting is used to evaluate causes and create detailed analyses in the finance and controlling departments. Deepened information needs of the management and the company directors are covered this way, going beyond a lot of the standard information.

Data Warehouse

SuisseCo is your competent partner for all questions about databases and data warehouse solutions. We specialize in tailor-made electronic data management for your company according to your wishes.


ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load) are important for the operation of data warehouses. Large amounts of data are consolidated from several operational databases and saved in a data warehouse.