About Us

Profile SuisseCo

  • Year founded: 2007
  • Type of enterprise: GmbH
  • Current number of internal and external employees: 70

Therefore SuisseCo

  • Full-service offer and needs-oriented
  • Highly motivated team – the SuisseCo family
  • Experienced, qualified technical experts (90% Senior Consultants) as external employees
  • Relationships with experienced, qualified technical experts for permanent positions
  • Locally focused company, reliable, transparent, lean and agile
  • Expertise in the latest technologies and application areas, including machine learning, quantitative development, data science, predictive analytics, etc.
  • Established, optimally networked company – active in networking (Innovation Forum, Roundtable and Meetup Events)
  • Manufacturer and technology independence
  • Longstanding premium customers
  • Open for new customers and partnerships

During all of our projects our motto is “fullest customer satisfaction!”. International cooperation and partnerships with companies and specialists help us find the best solution for you.